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Did you receive a letter from Caliber?

No, it's not a scam!
YES.... It's legit!​​
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Why You Received A Letter

If you received a letter from Caliber then most likely you are owed money being held in escrow by the State of Florida.

What Could It Be

It could be past wages, insurance funds, retained deposits, receivables, uncashed cashier checks among other many assets. Corporations holding such assets are required by Florida law to conduct a financial audit to review such assets not returned to their owners and report them accordingly. 

Why Is it Owed To You

If the company holding the asset can't find you as the rightful owner, the asset is then transferred to the State of Florida and held in an escrow account.

Now what? Read On...

Why Caliber

Caliber is a State of Florida approved vendor that has passed an extensive background investigation and security clearance. Caliber is fully vetted and certified by the State of Florida to contact individuals and companies and claim your lost assets in a legal and 
confidential way.​  

Caliber understands the process and bridges the gap between you and the complicated, extensive and confusing paperwork to an end result of returning the asset owed to you. 
Because it's YOURS!

Who is Caliber

Caliber Sanctions, a fully licensed and insured Private Investigative Agency by the Florida Department of Agriculture Consumer Services
Agency #A1400203

Caliber remains actively involved in both State and National levels through several Investigative Associations.

Caliber, unleashing the power of investigations!
Caliber, unleashing the power and reuniting you with your assets due! 

Why Use Caliber​​


Paperwork is complicated, extensive and sometimes down right exhausting!