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Licensed Private Investigators
 cal-i-ber Sanctions, Inc.
  CSI, unleashing the power of investigations!"
Who We Are

     Caliber Sanctions, Inc. is a fully licensed Private Investigation Agency located in Florida specializing in Personal, Corporate, Legal, Cyber and asset locate and recovery.
     We tailor our investigative techniques for every individual case, in order to ensure that we meet the specific needs of each client while maintaining the very highest of ethical standards.

     Let Caliber provide you with facts, answers and solutions so you find the peace of mind you deserve.
"Caliber, unleashing the power of information!"

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          1.  the action of investigating something or someone; formal or systematic    examination or research.    
               "he is under investigation for receiving illicit funds"
                synonyms: examination, inquiry, study, inspection, exploration, consideration, analysis, appraisal 
           2.  a formal inquiry or systematic study.

                plural noun: investigations
                "an investigation has been launched into the potential impact of the oil spill"
"Information is a negotiator's greatest weapon."
Victor Kiam